Good health and glowing skin come with regular exercise. Maintaining a good skincare ritual makes your skin love you, and thank you.

Exercise is not just beneficial for the body, but also for the skin. A publication in 2015, titled Aging Cell, it was mentioned that high impact aerobics and durability workouts reduce the aging signs in the skin.

Stress reduction is critical when you want to lead a healthy life. The Current Behavioral Neuroscience Report, dated December 2016, suggests that workouts can alleviate stress and anxiety, which are the main contributing factors in making skin age faster. They also aggravate inflammatory skin conditions like acne, eczema, or psoriasis – published in June 2014 in Inflammation & Allergy – Drug Targets.

Here we have established that exercise has a significant impact on the quality of our skin in terms of elasticity, completion, and radiance. Nowadays, maintaining the health and beauty of your skin can be achieved by following some simple advice when it comes to skincare and maintenance.

Here are the six key steps for skincare to follow alongside your exercise routine.

Life Savior – Sunscreen

A broad-spectrum sunscreen is your best friend whenever hitting the outside. A board-certified dermatologist Deirdre Hooper says it is essential to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen SPF 30 or more whenever going outdoors. This holds true everywhere, even if you are a jog or a swim because the light is everywhere and it exposes your skin to all the bands of the UVA and UVB spectrum and many more. This, in turn, harms the skin cells and may speed up the skin aging process. She emphasizes applying it to all the sun-exposed areas of skin like the face, neck, chest, and hands to prevent age spots and wrinkles.

Exercise causes sweating, especially in the hot summertime, so when buying sunscreen make sure you get your hands on a waterproof one so that it stays on while you sweat. There are many sports sunscreens available to cater to this concern.

Work Out in Glam

We all think that when we are going to exercise it’s a must to remove all makeup and then we can sweat. Contrary to this belief, Dr. Hoppers finds it acceptable to not remove makeup from our face before a workout. Quote – “You’ll sweat and it’ll get a little messy, but it’s not bad to have makeup on your face during exercise.’’ Meaning we can go to the gym straight from the office during the lunch break. Just one thing to take care of is applying a light moisturizer if needed. Heavy emollients can cause the skin to clog up fast, and cause skin concerns, so it is best to avoid moisturizer before going for exercise.

Shower the Sweat Away

Sweating profusely while strenuous physical activity is a common problem that all athletes must face. According to Dr. Hoppers, sweat provides an ideal environment for the growth of a wide variety of bacteria and germs. To a greater extent, skin problems are related to the number of germs present on the skin. Acne and other skin outbreaks are a prominent consequence of this.

Showering off the sweat and grime from a workout is the bare minimum one can do to combat this issue. It is recommended that those who experience frequent breakouts use a face wash containing an anti-acne drug, such as benzoyl peroxide or sulfur because these ingredients are highly effective against the Cutibacterium bacteria that causes the most prevalent forms of acne.

To sum it up, a routine shower combined with fresh clothes and suitable skincare products can greatly reduce the risk of acne. If acne persists after these preventive measures, one should consult a dermatologist to look deeper into the condition.

Freshen Up Your Face

There are days when you feel less motivated towards skincare or you are simply riding the lazy vibes – even then, just make sure to wash your face. According to Dr. Dolitsky, just using a mild cleanser does the job well. It is best to keep salicylic acid skin wipes in your gym bag, and once done with a workout wipe your face with them. Salicylic acid has anti-inflammatory properties which help soothe any redness on the skin after exercise, and can also prevent breakouts.

Sun Protection is Essential

The use of sunscreen can’t be overemphasized. All over the world, dermatologists agree that it is the primary tool to save the health of our skin in the long run. The skin aging process may be quickened when the skin’s proteins and collagens are exposed directly to the electromagnetic spectrum. After a workout, you sweat and then wash your face.

The previously applied layer of sunscreen is washed away and now it is time to apply a fresh layer again. It is best to use a tinted or color correcting sunscreen rather than the recommended sports ones. Tinted sunscreen gives you protection and covers redness giving an even skin tone. Research published in the November 2017 issue of the Journal of Investigative Dermatology says that tinted sunscreen protects from the damaging aging effects of household lighting

Ease Your Skin

Just as we cool down our minds and body after an extensive session of any activity, the skin needs to Zen out too after exercise. Dr. Dolitsky says that heat in any form can damage the skin. So it is better to cool it off, especially in the summer, when you have been doing hot yoga or outdoor swimming. The best way is to wash your face with cold water. Always try to keep a bottle of aloe vera gel or a cooling hydrating mist, and apply it on your face to freshen and relax the skin. Another great way to take care of your skin after an exercise session is to come back home, and apply a good quality cooling face mask.

These are the steps, which, if followed with heart and soul, will not only protect your skin but also improve the texture and glow of your skin adding a new charm to your personality.