Poppyseed tea can be a controversial theme, especially if you start discussing it with a bunch of people where everyone has an opinion of their own.

I have a rather good experience with this beverage because I always tried to make it properly and according to instructions.

I started drinking this tea when I was stressed out and had trouble sleeping for a long time.

During that same time, my husband discovered he has problems with hypertension. I’ve been doing a lot of research online and talking to friends and doctors, and learned that when drank responsibly and in small amounts, poppy seed tea can help with all of these problems.

How To Make Poppy Seed Tea

If you too are experiencing similar health problems, you should consider trying out this tea.

In this text, I’ll explain to you how to make poppy seed tea correctly, but also how to drink it and how it can aid your health.

Proven benefits of poppy seed tea

Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to talk you into drinking poppy seed tea if you don’t want to, but the truth is that there are many ways this drink can contribute to your health and help ease or treat some difficulties.

I didn’t quite believe it until I have tried it.

If you drink it responsibly, poppy seed tea can deliver the following health benefits:

What are the risks of drinking poppy seed tea?

So, knowing all these perks of drinking poppy seed tea, why are people so afraid of using it?

Well, this is a very reasonable point of view, and I too was very skeptical when it comes to using it. This tea has narcotic properties, thanks to ingredients like benzylisoquinolines and phenanthrenes. Phenanthrenes are used in the production of codeine and morphine.

When consumed in high concentrations and regularly poppy seed tea can cause addiction, and similarly like with painkillers and heroin overdose, lead to a fatal outcome.

How to buy poppy seeds?

Considering these dangers, you may think it is very difficult to purchase poppy seeds, but in fact, this is far from being true.

Many local and national stores offer poppy seeds, and you can also order some online.

Since my last several trips to the store, I’ve learned that it’s best to buy unwashed seeds and investigate the brand extensively beforehand. Although local stores may have poppy seeds, I find the selection on Amazon.com to be more extensive, so that’s where I typically place my orders. You can obtain the best goods at the best price if you shop at a natural or healthy food store.

One pound will be plenty for your first time, and you can adjust the amount from there.

What are the other ingredients you’ll need?

Naturally, poppy seeds are not the only ingredient you will need.

You should also buy a small bottle of lemon juice, a 32oz Gatorade bottle, one gallon of water, and a flavor enhancer if you don’t like the bitter taste of the tea.

Of course, instead of using lemon juice, you can squeeze actual lemons (one or two, depending on their size), if you prefer things au naturel.

Gatorade bottle is the perfect size and shape and has a wide top, which makes it ideal for preparing the tea, but you can also use one-gallon water jugs.

Prepare your kitchen and the supplies for making poppy seed tea

Now you need to prepare the supplies you will need for making your first batch of poppy seed tea:

Start with a small test batch

You can’t be sure how you will react to poppy seed tea and how you will like it.

Because of that, you shouldn’t start by making large amounts of this drink.

It is best to start with a small batch to master the process, make sure it is the correct strength, and that you are satisfied with the result.

Here is the recipe for preparing tea out of half a pound of poppy seeds.



  1. Pour the seeds into the bottle (if you are using a regular water bottle do that through the funnel).
  2. Add warm, not boiling, water to the bottle. The water should be approximately two or three inches above the seeds.
  3. Add squeezed lemon or lemon juice.
  4. Close the bottle and shake the mixture gently for no more than three minutes. This way, you will wash off the active compounds and infuse the tea effectively. Depending on the type of seeds, the water should be somewhere between mild yellow and dark brown.
  5. Strain out the seeds and leave only the liquid to drink.

It is imperative to understand that not all poppy seeds are equally strong, and some can be significantly more powerful than others.

When you first prepare tea with seeds from one brand, you should be very cautious when it comes to the amount. It is always a good idea to start with a minimal amount of seeds, and if you notice the tea isn’t strong enough, you can increase the amount the next time.

Potential side effects of poppy seed tea

I like to be well informed about everything I am eating or drinking, especially if that substance/ingredient has harmful properties or potential side effects.

As I have already mentioned, it can be very addictive if you are drinking it regularly and a lot, but it can also cause the following issues:

Long-term use of poppy seed tea can lead to nausea, respiratory problems, irritability, constipation, and itchiness.

High quantities can cause coma, or as I have already mentioned, be fatal.

How much is too much?

As for the amount, it is tricky to determine unless you have expensive testing equipment, but you can use the method I have mentioned above.

Consider this a guiding principle: the fewer the better.

How frequently would you say that is? If you’re addicted to poppy seed tea mentally rather than physically, cutting back is a good idea.

One cup, no more than three times a week, is the most you can drink without showing signs of addiction. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t do so constantly; if you feel your troubles have been alleviated, you can refrain from drinking this beverage for a while.

Bottom Line?

Many of my friends said that I was crazy for trying out poppy seed tea for insomnia and stress, but the result speaks for themselves. I have never before and never after had a better night of sleep.

However, this doesn’t mean I instantly decided to drink poppy seed tea often. Since the first time I tried this tea, I have bought seeds frequently, but I have drunk it only in extreme situations, and never more than two days in a row.

The preparation can be complicated, especially the dosage. Start with as few seeds as possible, and don’t lose sight that poppy seeds have psychoactive properties, and use them only for good.

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  1. I am going to try it. Just received 1lb of unwashed seeds. I’ll let you know how it works. Wife suffers from Crohn’s disease. Maybe this will help.

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