Using a reusable glass water bottle is good for you and kind to the environment!

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But picking the best glass water bottle can be quite a time-consuming and overwhelming task. This is due to the hundreds of great glass bottles available on the market.


We will try to make life easier for you by giving you our take on the 10 glass bottles of water for 2023.

Please, read on to find out more about these 10 excellent products, which we handpicked for your convenience after a lot of testing and research.

Best overall

Purifyou Premium Glass Water Bottle

This Purifyou glass bottle is the perfect combination of all of the features we have been looking for in a reusable glass bottle. It is made of thick high borosilicate glass and yet is not too heavy to be a pain to carry around.

It is available in 3 sizes – 12, 22, and 32 oz., and in a wide array of pretty colors, so there is practically a Purifyou bottle for just about anybody – man or woman, young or old.

Plus, it is heat resistant, which means you can use it for hot beverages too.

This bottle is made of perfectly safe materials and doesn’t add any odors or tastes to the water or other beverage in it.

It has a wide mouth opening making it comfy for drinking, easy to clean, and suitable for adding ice or fruits into your water. The bottle has a slim design that allows it to fit in any car cup holder or in your purse or bag.

It is perfectly leaking and kid-proof, and there is no contact of the water with any plastic or other harmful materials whatsoever. It is dishwasher and microwave safe, and the O-ring on the cap makes it very easy to carry even with one finger.

Best runner-up

Danum Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

It looks like glass, and it has all the benefits of a glass bottle, but it is made of Premium Eastman Tritan, which is lighter and safer.

It has a large capacity of 32 oz. which means that you can fill it with all of the water and fruits you will need to stay hydrated and get that vitamin boost you need to stay well and feel energized.

This infuser bottle can fit in most car cup holders and provides a secure grip thanks to the rubber grip and molded thumb grip. You can carry it easily thanks to the large ring on top, and you can open it and take a tasty sip with one hand only thanks to the easy to access push button, which opens the lid.

The large opening makes it very comfortable to drink, fills it with ice or with fruit, and is quick and easy to clean.

This bottle is totally BPA-free and is perfectly safe with no leftover odors or nasty plastic aftertaste. It is sold with a lifetime warranty, so it could be the last reusable bottle you will ever need to buy!

One of our favorite features is that this unique bottle is sold with an excellent recipe e-book, which will give you some great ideas about the different fresh and healthy drinks you can prepare day after day.

Staying hydrated has never been more fun and tastier, thanks to this bottle from Danum.

Best budget

Ello Syndicate Glass Water Bottle

We love this affordable yet top-quality glass bottle. It is made of perfectly clean and safe glass with absolutely no metal or plastic aftertaste whatsoever.

You can easily open the lid using only one hand, thanks to the nifty push button. The carry loop on top makes it easy to carry so that you can easily quench your thirst at all times without having to stop what you are doing.

This 20-ounce glass bottle will fit any standard cup holder. It has a protective silicone sleeve that will prevent it from slipping or breaking if dropped accidentally.

It is dishwasher safe, comes in a wide variety of color options, and, as mentioned previously, is very affordably priced!

The other glass bottles on our top 10 list

Eveau Glass Water Bottle

This is a beautiful, eco-friendly glass water bottle that we strongly recommend for those of you who want a safe, durable, and very eye-catching bottle for your everyday hydration needs.


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AQUANEÜ 30oz Inspirational Water Bottle

This is another Tritan water bottle that has made it to our top 10 list because it has everything you need in a perfect and safe reusable water bottle.


CamelBak Eddy Glass Water Bottle

The CamelBak Eddy glass water bottle is one of the most stylish ones on our list, featuring a unique silicone swirled design.


Takeya 22 Ounce Classic Glass Water Bottle

This is one sleek and classy-looking water bottle that is a perfect accessory to ensure that you are properly hydrated at all times.


Vremi 18 oz. Glass Water Bottle 6 Pack

We are seriously impressed by the great deal which this set from Vremi offers at such a reasonable price.


Kablo Glass Water Bottle 32 oz., 100% Borosilicate Glass

We love the minimalistic and clear design of the Kablo Glass water bottle and the quality it offers.


Brieftons Glass Water Bottles: 6 Pack

This is another excellent set of glass water bottles suitable for the entire family.


The advantages and features of glass water bottles

Glass water bottles are probably the best choice when it comes to safe, eco-friendly reusable bottles. The bottles on our list vary in size and design, but they are all excellent picks for those of you who want to contribute to helping reduce the waste and pollution of our environment.

The bottles which we have picked for you are made of different types of glass – each of them have its advantages and downsides, which you can read about in our brief overviews.

The mouth openings of most of our top choices are all wide enough to make drinking easy and to add fruit or ice into the bottles, as well as to make cleaning them simple and quick. We have added a couple of bottles with straws and bite valves for those of you who find these easier and more comfortable to use.


The bottles have different types of caps, some are flip open, and others are opened via a button or a screw cap. Some are easier to open and use with one hand, which you may find beneficial if you want to use them while driving or running other errands.

Some of the bottles we’ve suggested feature silicone sleeves that cushion drops and prevent them from sliding out of your hands. Some are equipped with convenient cap rings or straps for hands-free transport.

There are no chemicals in the glass, so it won’t impart any weird flavors or smells to your drink. It’s sturdy and doesn’t harm the environment. Glass’s low maintenance also makes it a great choice for kitchen and bathroom surfaces. In addition to being dishwasher safe, several of our top options also come with cleaning brushes.

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Final Words

By purchasing and using a glass bottle, you will contribute to the growing movement on reducing the waste from the millions of disposable plastic bottles, which is becoming a serious pollution problem for our planet.

Whichever one of these wonderful glass bottles you choose, you will be helping yourself, the environment, and your family budget! No more spending on disposable plastic water bottles, and no more harmful chemicals entering your body via the plastic.

With one of these beautiful water bottles, you will have access to clean and chemical-free water at all times. Staying hydrated is key for your health, energy levels, weight management, and to your well-being!

Good luck with your purchase and stay hydrated and safe!


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