Are you looking for ways to lead a greener and more eco-friendly life? Or maybe you are not happy with using disposable tissues to wipe your nose or the sweat from your face?

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A good quality handkerchief will help you do that without paying with your hard-earned money for disposable tissues.

Also, you will be helping the environment by limiting the trash you add to the landfills.

The best handkerchief to blow your nose or face should be made of natural, absorbing, and soft textiles and materials. The handkerchief should also be washed easily and reused for nose-blowing for years to come.

We have picked the perfect handkerchiefs which you can reuse every day and even wear at special events for you.

Men’s Handkerchiefs, 100% Soft Cotton, White Hankie Pack of 12 Pieces

They are inexpensive and made of 100% 60S cotton, which is softer than many of the others. This means that the material will be gentle on your skin, even when you have a runny nose, and the skin around it is irritated from all of the wipings during flu season.

Each handkerchief in the set is 16 x 16 inches in size. They have strong seams on all hems, which make them even more durable for use, washing, and ironing.

The 100% handkerchiefs by Hankytex are an excellent gift idea for Father’s Day, Christmas, or a birthday for any man who prefers using traditional handkerchiefs rather than paper tissues.

Van Heusen 13 Pack Cotton Handkerchiefs Solid White

Each handkerchief in This is a pack of 13 handkerchiefs, all sized 16 x 16 inches, and made of all-natural, durable and soft 100% woven cotton.

The 13-pack offered by Van Heusen is an excellent gift or purchase for anyone who wants to have a classic handker in their pocket, rather than having to rely on tissues. It is also a much more eco-friendly and economical solution than using disposable paper towels.

Each of these quality handkerchiefs is soft to the touch and will be gentle on the delicate skin of your nose and face.

They can be washed in a washing machine and can be reused for years.

Selected Hanky 100% Cotton Men’s Handkerchief 6 Piece Gift Set

If you are looking for a more colorful option when it comes to a handkerchief for everyday use, then this set of 6 handkerchiefs by Selected Hanky is another top-rated choice.

Each handkerchief is made of woven 100% organic cotton, which is durable, soft, very absorbent, and moisture-wicking.

All of the hankies in the set are machine washable and have different tartan prints, which give them a timeless vintage look.

They are an excellent choice for all men – young and old who like using classic handkerchiefs and won’t mind adding a stylish-looking one as a pocket square every day.

You can choose the handkerchiefs in other patterns and color options as well, and buy them at an excellent price.

Pocket Squares for Men 20 Pack Men’s handkerchief Set Assorted Colors with Gift Box

If you are looking for a perfect gift for a gentleman who likes to suit up, then this set of 20 gorgeous silk handkerchiefs by Jeatonge is one of the most original and beautiful ideas for any occasion.

The set includes 20 different colored hankies made of a shiny and luxurious-looking silk and polyester mixed fabric.

The silk handkerchiefs come in solid colors (red, yellow, green, black, navy blue, purple, pink) in polka dot patterns (red, blue, black, red, and purple) and in stunning paisley patterns (red, turquoise, blue, black and purple).

Each of the breast pocket decorations is 10 x 10 inches in size and has a 3.4 inches width and a 4.6-inch length of the holders.

They can be worn for official events like weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations, as well as every day if your dad, hubby, brother, son, or friend likes to look smart and dressed up on a daily basis.

GB Men’s Handkerchiefs 100% Cotton Solid White with Stripe Large Classic Hankies Bulk Set

These reasonably priced handkerchiefs for blowing your nose, blotting your face, and for other everyday use are super absorbent, gentle on the skin, hypoallergenic, and soft.

They are made of 100% cotton, which is thicker and more durable than other materials.

The cotton handkerchiefs by GB Collection are larger than the traditional ones and are 17 x 17 inches, which makes them perfect for all-day use.

With their comb-fitted design, you can use them as pocket square fittings for your suits as well.

They are seamed with an added hem for added durability and are machine washable.

You can buy them in sets of 6 or 12 at a very good price.

Pure Cotton Men’s Soft Handkerchiefs Assorted Color Pack of 6 Gift Set by Zenssia

These six tartan handkerchiefs are another best-selling product for 2023.

They are made of high-quality 60S cotton, which is softer, thicker, and more durable than the thinner ones.

Each cotton handkerchief in this set is 16 x 16 inches, and due to the natural qualities of cotton, a little shrinkage can be expected after the first wash, but it is not significant and will make them even softer and more absorbent.

The pack includes three colors and patterns and two hankies of each type.

The patterns include a masculine tartan in different color options and other beautiful striped and other options for any taste.

Pierre Cardin Designer, Fashion Handkerchiefs for Men-5 Pack Gift Sets

If you are looking for a gift for a man who loves fashion, luxury, and style, but you are not ready to break the bank, then this set of 5 stunning designer handkerchiefs by Pierre Cardin is an excellent idea.

The pack of 5 hankies comes in 4 unique and stylish patterns in black, white, and grey hues.

Each of these handkerchiefs for men has finely stitched hems and is made of durable and absorbent cotton.

They can easily be used for everyday needs or worn as accessories for official events, work, or special occasions.

Men’s Handkerchiefs, 100% Soft Cotton, Black Hankie, Pack of 6

This set of 6 black cotton handkerchiefs is an excellent buying option or gift idea for a more formal look or for men who like classic black.

The oversized black hankies are 17 x 17 inches, and they are made of 100% natural 60S cotton, which is super absorbent, moisture-wicking and thicker, and more durable than the 30S or 42S options.

Each cotton handkerchief for men in this set by Hankytex has lines of seams on the ends to keep them looking great, keep their shape, and prevent piping over time.

Each handkerchief for men can be used for everyday needs, to blow your nose, wipe the sweat off your brow, and for coming into rescue for a damsel in distress. They can also be worn as accessories for suits and jackets.

Men’s Handkerchief 6 pc Set Bamboo 17 x 17 Inch Multi-Color

If you are looking for all-natural, super soft, and well absorbing handkerchiefs for men, then this set of 6 hankies is an exceptional option.

They are made of 80% natural bamboo and 20% cotton, which makes them softer than all products on this list.

Each of the handkerchiefs will absorb every drop of sweat from your face, and every drop from your runny nose, and will keep you looking comfortable and tidy all day long.

The eco-friendly handkerchiefs dry easily and have a stylish and vintage look.

They are white and come in a pretty gift-ready set of 6 pieces tied with a stylish and discreet white bow.

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  1. It turned out that buying a handkerchief online can be a challenging job. I’ve already purchased several, and I got disappointed when I received them. It isn’t easy to find a nice handkerchief if you can’t touch and feel the material it’s made of. Your list was very helpful, and I finally got nice and soft handkerchiefs.

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