When we think of coughing and sore throat, the first thing that crosses our mind is winter, and to be quite honest, snow-laden landscapes and ice rinks look like two perfectly good places to catch a cold.

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But winter scores one huge point in my eyes – it’s perfectly honest with you. It’s cold outside – if you don’t dress properly, you’ll get sick.

Spring, on the other hand, appears much sneakier in this regard.

All bright and sunny, but nowhere nearly as hot as summer, spring is a season that sees some of the biggest temperature fluctuations throughout the year.

There’s no better way to earn a sore throat than by running around in shorts.

Unfortunately, my sons are just as eager to engage in any outdoor activity that requires the least possible amount of clothing, as they are easy to earn a cold (which, undoubtedly, makes them the sons of their father).

Best Cough Drops

The bottom line, I’ve seen my share of teas, soups, and cough syrups. Last year, I decided to expand my arsenal of cold-fighting weaponry with cough drops.

Let me share the intel I’ve gathered in the meantime and see if I can help you to discover the best cough drops currently floating on the market.

But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Before I proceed to the dissection of the current cough drop market offer, I first owe you an explanation of what cough drops are, how they work, and what separates good cough drops from bad ones.

So, let us start from the beginning.

What are Cough Drops?

Cough drops, throat lozenges, cough sweets, troches, or however you like to call them, are small tablets (as medical tablets, not smart devices) that are meant to be slowly dissolved in your mouth.

While they dissolve, they are supposed to soothe irritated tissues and ease a cough. I was very surprised to learn that their origin can be traced all the way back to Ancient Egypt.

Just imagine – it took them more than 2,000 years to find a way to my home. What a long and epic journey!

What exactly are Cough Drops Doing?

What I was also very surprised to learn is that cough drops are not actually a medicine aimed at fighting or even preventing colds.

However, they do an amazing job of relieving the common flu symptoms like coughing, pain, sore throat, and inflammation.

Cough drops can also help you to clear your stuffy sinus passages and chest congestion. If they are packed with Vitamin C, cough drops can even kickstart your metabolism.

They are affordable and suitable for all ages, and as long as you don’t expect them to solve all of your problems, they will be a worthy winter and transition period ally.

Types Of Cough Drops

And now, let’s quickly breeze through some of the most common types of cough drops so I can point out some of the things you should pay attention to while buying.

cough drops and honey syrup

And here’s a short rundown of the ingredients you can usually find (individually and in combination with each other) in what I like to call a perfectly ordinary cough drop to see what you are getting into and if this particular type of symptom relief is even your cup of tea.

What all these things amount to?

Well, the most important thing I’ve learned while researching the drops is that the products that are supposed to make you feel better, are more than capable of doing you a great disservice if you are not using them properly or you are not informed about their composition.

But, that was a pretty solid foundation, and I had to find a more efficient way to help my boys overcome their traditional spring soreness than endlessly stuffing them with tea and soup.

Even if that meant that I would have to assume the role of guinea pig for a week or two.

After all, what are calories and artificial sweeteners compared to endless mother’s love?

So, here are the results of my little research:

Most Recommended Best Cough Drops: Detailed Reviews 2023

Ricola Original Cough Drops – Natural Drops with a Swiss Flavor

Unlike the previous drops whose package design looks terribly unremarkable, Ricola Original Cough Drops do make a strong visual impression.

They just look like they belong to the supermarket section where you buy soups and noodles.

But, when your eyes adjust and when you finally recognize these drops for what they are, you will see that they pack quite a decent proposal, coming at a very affordable price.

Sure, you might be tempted to say, “Barbara, the price gap between Silver Throat Lozenges and Ricola Cough Drops is not that huge,” but remember, here you get 20 more drops which make all the difference in the world.

But that’s pretty much it, and if you’re looking for some advanced medical properties, you should look for them elsewhere.

Also, Ricola lozenges can be found in only one Ricola flavor. It’s good to know that the famous Swiss manufacturer is still clinging to its tradition, but if you have small kids, you may have a problem persuading them to use the drops.

Things I Liked

Things I Didn’t Like

HALLS Sugar-Free Cough Drops – The Best Value for the Money

Halls is a brand that is synonymous with cough drops. Honestly, how many times have you just said Halls instead of drops or lozenges? As expected, Halls was also one of the first brands I decided to put to the test.

Now, Halls offers a lot of options to choose from. Some smaller packages feature a wide variety of flavors such as Honey Berry, Mountain Menthol, and Black Cherry.

I eventually went for this Honey Lemon package because it represents such a good deal.

Getting 180 drops at this price point is a true bargain. And we are not talking about a low-quality product.

Although they are not laden with silver and they don’t have exciting buzzwords written all over the package, the Honey lemon drops you’ll find in the bag do a surprisingly good job.

And, what’s important they are doing it rather fast. Put the drop in your mouth, and it won’t take more than 10 seconds before you start experiencing the soothing effect.

The taste is good, and both honey and lemon are the things that you should, by all means, ingest if you catch the flu.

As for a serious cough and inflammation, these drops simply won’t cut it. That’s not what they were designed for. Now, if you catch a cold and your throat feels sore, you’ll hardly find a better offer at this price point.

Things I Liked

Things I Didn’t Like

Original All Natural Silver Throat Lozenges – A Silver Bullet

At first glance, these lozenges look terribly unremarkable. In a pharmacy, they are just as good as invisible.

However, it just so happened that I did notice them, and one word, in particular, grabbed my attention – silver.

Yes, “Silver” we are talking about here is not a buzzword, and it doesn’t refer to the color of the package – each drop in it contains a teaspoon of the 30ppm silver solution, which simply blew my mind.

But, it turned out that, besides being a useful anti-vampire tool, silver also doubles down as an incredibly effective immune support element. Keep it in your mouth for about six minutes, and your throat should feel much better.

Since that, obviously, doesn’t sound like an attractive prospect, the manufacturer made sure that you have six different flavors to choose from.

My personal favorites are Sweet Menthol and Green Apple. Furthermore, they perform really, really well. Take one drop, and your cough and soreness will quickly disappear.

Of course, there’s a downside to this, and, as you can probably guess, sucking silver on a daily basis is not that cheap of an endeavor.

I truly fell in love with these lozenges, but due to their price, I buy them only when someone in my family catches a terrible case of the flu.

Things I Liked

Things I Didn’t Like

doTERRA Breathe Respiratory Drops – A Small Dose of Expensive Wonder

DoTerra is an MLM company based in Utah. Although some of my friends are involved with the company, I knew very little about them, besides the fact that they are dealing with essential oils.

You can only imagine just how ecstatic I was when I mentioned that I am doing research on cough drops to one of those friends only to learn that DoTerra makes their essential oil-based drops aimed at solving respiratory problems. Surprise, surprise – just what Barbara needed at the moment.

I am happy to report that DoTerra’s drops perform extremely well. Each drop contains a blend of Lemon, Peppermint, Cardamom, Eucalyptus, Thyme, and Melissa Oil, which may be just the perfect combination you may wish for if you catch a cold.

No, I don’t mean nursing a scratchy throat. When I caught a cold this winter, all I needed was a single drop of this to get my breathing back to normal.

In a nutshell, you’ve found the solution to your long, miserable days of sneezing.

The obvious caveat, however, is that DoTerra Respiratory Drops are not cheap. Eating silver will actually cost less.

Given the fact that the package contains only 30 drops, this price point may be a major turn down for a majority of buyers.

Things I Liked

Things I Didn’t Like

Cold-Eeze All Natural Lozenges – Efficient, Youthful, and Energetic

When you take a look at any Cold-Eeze product, it’s very hard to escape the upbeat and youthful vibe this brand is trying to convey.

Their lozenges follow this pattern – they look and taste like they are made for young and energetic people who are constantly on the move.

Sure, the package may contain only 18 drops, but it’s also very cheap, easy to fit in your pocket, and you can always get more once you come back home.

The flavors you can choose from feel equally energetic. Tropical orange, pineapple, lemon-lime… Those are all the words that will put a smile on a lot of young faces. Call me a traditionalist, but of all these flavors, I still prefer the good old cherry.

But, although they initially drew my attention because of their interesting look, Cold-Eeze (what a cool spelling, huh?) is far from being “all style, but no substance.”

On the contrary, these lozenges even contain a certain amount of zinc gluconate, which means they can have an effect on the length of your cold.

Not bad for a product that is being sold at such a low price. As long as you don’t mistake the drops for the appropriate treatment for influenza, they’ll do their job more than fine.

Things I Liked

Things I Didn’t Like

So, which of these cough drops do I consider the best?

It’s really hard to tell because the very fact that I included them in this list means that I liked them and that I recommended them to my family.

Also, each of these drops serves a somewhat different purpose. Of course, the variation is very slight – after all, we are not talking about some complicated product – but it exists.

For example, when they go out to play basketball, my sons like to take Cold-Eeze with them. But, when they get really sick, I always buy them doTerra’s or Silver Throat Lozenges.

However, if you need reliable and quality drops you’ll keep at home and use to get rid of regular throat soreness, it’s hard not to give a special shout-out to Halls Sugar-Free Cough Drops.

Sure, there are a couple of better products on the market, but neither one of them offers better value for the money. Besides, Halls haven’t earned their reputation for anything.

These perfect cough drops are doing their job fast and efficiently, and, for the majority of situations you may face, that’s more than enough.

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