Whenever we think of anti-aging, the first thing that pops into our heads is miracle creams or serums. This is true for a little part only. This is a much wider concept which is actually skin deep. Aging not only occurs in our hair and skin but in our bodies as a whole, affecting vital functions and biological processes. But luckily there are some ways in which you can make the aging process slower, and the most important one is a well nutritious diet for optimum nourishment. In this article, I will share a few healthy food components which help in age-reversing if consumed regularly.


Almost everyone has heard that drinking plenty of water is important. This is because water regulates all the functions in the body. It keeps the temperature in balance. Water also flushes out toxins and debris from the body, which, if allowed to bulk up, can cause damage to the organs. So, drinking enough water is the primary step to ensure the longevity of health and body.

Add Citric

Once a person has developed a habit of drinking an adequate amount of water, it’s a good idea to often add a little lemon to it. The best time to drink lemon water is early in the morning. This can have miraculous benefits due to its high vitamin C content. It boosts the immune system and also increases collagen production in the skin, giving you a younger-looking face.

Greens Like Spinach & Broccoli

Vegetables like spinach and broccoli are great sources of vitamins A, C & K, with magnesium and folate. They not only provide good nutrition but also help in balancing body sugar levels and blood pressure. Both these conditions need to be stable and in good control, if one wants to improve his health and live for longer, let alone when it comes to staying young.

Red Juicy Tomatoes

Tomatoes are delicious when they are ripe and fresh. We had no idea that these superfoods for anti-aging were also providing color and flavor to our dishes. The lycopene in tomatoes acts as a sunscreen. Improvements in skin quality are also a result of its ability to stabilize collagen by halting the breakdown of collagen. It’s healthy for the heart and helps protect the body from harmful aflatoxins.

Green Tea

Green tea comes very notably when we talk about antiaging. It has been in use for decades because rich in antioxidants like EGCG which help heal the worn-out DNA in our bodies. It also exhibits anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties to make a healing age-reversing drink, after all, we are as good as our DNAs.

Buttery Avocadoes

This beautiful green fruit is filled with good fat, calcium, potassium, vitamins, and minerals. It boosts the immune system to sustain a healthy disease-free state. Avocado fights off germs as it is anti-fungal and anti-microbial. It also protects from getting tumors and cancer in elderly life thus aiding in an overall longer and more fit life.


Anyone and everyone would be delighted to know that chocolates are beneficial for our health. Multiple pieces of research have shown that flavonoids like catechin and epicatechin are powerful antioxidants found in dark chocolates which reduce the risk of cancer and heart diseases by reducing the oxidative damage in the body. It is beneficial to consume dark chocolate in moderate quantities.


Walnuts, almonds, and cashew nuts are full of healthy fatty acids. They are a good source of vegan protein as well. Consuming nuts is a powerful tool to stay young as they protect, strengthen, repair, and soothe the cells in our skin heart, and brain due to their high nutrient content. Nuts are the best way of healthy mini-meal anytime anywhere.

Precious Saffron

Aging is not only a bodily process but how we feel heavily impacts our life. We often see people who are not happy or satisfied in their lives get sick more and age way faster. This golden spice is a magic drug for people who suffer from depression. It has been proven scientifically that after consuming the saffron body releases the feel-good hormone serotonin which reduces unhappiness and despair resulting in an overall mood-boosting effect.

Olives & Olive Oil

Regular use of olives and olive oil helps in weight loss to a good degree. Also, it is beneficial to improve eyesight. It maintains a healthy gut and heart due to its anti-inflammatory and cholesterol-lower properties respectively. Olive oil is great for moisturizing and hydrating skin to fight fine lines and wrinkles. When used on hair, it provides luscious silky locks by healing that brittle texture and split ends. So, as looks are concerned guess we should make olive oil our best friend.

Lean Lamb Meat

When we are trying to defy age, lean lamb meat is a powerful tool. Lamb meat contains a large quantity of a nutrients called carnosine. Recent research has shown that it reduces lactation of protein and sugar thus preventing the formation of advanced glycation end products (AGEs). These AGEs are considered to be a major factor causing our bodies to age faster. Lamb meat also contains another very important antioxidant called glutathione. It reduces the signs of aging by improving wrinkles and fine lines. It can also improve skin elasticity and tone, thus preventing aging.


Fish is packed with nutrients like vitamin D, iodine, and omega-3 fatty acids. Consuming fish regularly can reduce the risk of heart problems and brain damage. It also improves vision problems in old age. Surprisingly, fish is very beneficial in reducing signs and symptoms of depression and is often advised by doctors to people who suffer from any mental illness. It also improves sleep quality for a better and more enjoyable life experience. All this goodness makes fish a good choice when looking for an age reversing food component.

Now we know that the first step in achieving an age reversing lifestyle is eating mindfully, just as they say you are what you eat. Besides a healthy diet, regular exercise is also very important. The right combination of workout routine and nourishment can do wonders by adding years to your life while just looking like you defied time. Hoping these above-mentioned foods will bring goodness into your life, so eat well and rock on.